Analogue and digital
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London Mastering Studio is equipped to produce a sound that ranges from vintage analogue to clean digital. Clients vary from independent artists and record labels to publishing companies, charities and film makers. 

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Results and a smooth process

You want your music to compare favourably with other commercial releases. You want to work with somebody who understands your music very well and is easy to work with. This is exactly what I offer with my online mastering service.

all genres

I run a mixing and mastering studio but I am also a musician and a composer. I listen to all kinds of music and have mastered hundreds of tracks of all genres: folk, pop, rock, hip hop, EDM, jazz, country, blues, classical, techno, dance, experimental, gospel, ethnic and so on.

client reviews

I value your input, taste and ideas. My clients speak about the results of my online mastering service and also about how easy it is to work with me. I believe both aspects of the process are equally important. Check out my Reviews page

Free mix appraisal

Before mastering, if necessary, I can help you to improve your mix, absolutely free. Upload your mix for a free appraisal and request my free mixing guide at