how do i book my mastering?

Book your mastering using the online service

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What is a DDP image?

DDP is a special folder containing the necessary files of your master for the CD replication company. You need a DDP if you want to print physical copies of your album. The majority of studios charge an extra cost to produce one. I include the DDP in my rates along with a dedicated software that you will use to check every detail of the album before sending it to the replication company.

What is mastering and why do I need it?

Mastering is the last stage in music production. My mastering ensures that your music translates correctly on any playback system and  compares favourably with other commercial releases.

What is your mastering process?

It is a combination of analogue and digital processes. Digital flexibility for complex tasks and analogue sound for warmth and smoothness. I take advantage of the best of both worlds to get the best out of your mix.

What is your turnaround?

I will meet your deadline if you are in a rush. Usually the process takes about a week for an album and very few days for a song.

Do you offer mixing?

Yes. I offer digital and analogue mixing on a high-end analogue console. For a quote contact me at info@londonmasteringstudio.co.uk

What is included in the price?

Everything you need:
- Detailed advise to improve the mix, if necessary.
- All revisions needed to the mastering to reach the result you want.
- DDP image for CD duplication and DDP player software to check the DDP image.
- Wav mastered files plus mp3 format when required.
- ISRC codes encoded onto the master, when provided. 

What is your opinion about fully automated online mastering services that rely on algorithms instead of a human engineer?

There is a lot more to your music than numbers and mathematics. Machines don’t have the ability to know that. Plus, working with you to improve your mix before mastering, is an important part of my process and makes a very significant difference to the final result. Algorithms don’t do that.