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Mastering (CD, vinyl, digital releases)

£40 per track (up to 4 tracks)
£35 per track (5 to 10 tracks) 
Special offers for albums of more than 10 tracks. Request a quote

INCLUDED: Revisions, DDP image and DDP player software.
See FAQ page for more information.

number of tracks


Files are uploaded directly to our server.
Upload using a computer. Upload does not work on mobile devices.
File formats for mastering: Wav or AIFF files, 44100/24bit, 48000/24bit, 96000/24bit.
Files can be 24bit or 32bit. 16bit is not ideal but can be mastered.

IMPORTANT: Remember to include your email address in the message or contact me at with your details

Booking your mastering

Choose number of tracks (up to 10) you want to master from the drop down menu above. Proceed with the "Buy Now" button. Upload your files.
Contact me with your details and upload your files. I will send you a Paypal invoice to book your mastering. You do not need a Paypal account to pay. 
There is no VAT to add to our prices.


Revisions to the mastering are free of charge. This guarantees that we will achieve exactly the result you are looking for within the price agreed.

Mixing (analogue and digital)

Depending on the number of tracks and music genre, the price for mixing can vary a lot. Contact me or upload your song for my best quote. Use the upload button above.