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Francis Gorini at London Mastering Studio

Digital gives us transparency & flexibility and analogue adds that warmth & punch musicians are always looking for. I take advantage of the best of both worlds, combining them together to get the best out of your mix.
Francis, mastering engineer 

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Before & after
mastering samples

These are some tracks I mastered, huge variety of music genres.
You will find before and after mastering samples to give you an idea of the improvement I can make to your music.

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professional mastering

Stereo image, frequency balance, dynamic range, loudness, noise/digital errors, warmth, clarity, impact, these are all aspects that are improved through my mastering process. Mastering is also the process to create an album with a homogeneous sound.

Free mix appraisal & mixing guide

The secret to a great master is a great mix. I offer a free mix appraisal and mixing guide to make your mastering a better investment. Scroll down to the  "Is your mix ready for mastering" section for more information.

INCLUDED in the price

- Detailed advise to improve the mix, if necessary.
-  All revisions needed to the mastering to reach the result you want.
-  DDP image for CD duplication and DDP player software to check the DDP image. before sending it to the duplication company. See FAQ page for more info about DDP image.
- Wav mastered files plus mp3 format when required. 
-  ISRC codes encoded onto the master,  when provided.


The master is also tested on a professional metering system compliant with the latest loudness regulations to maintain the right dynamic level for your specific genre of music and situation. I advise my clients not to master too loud but in the end is the client's decision.

Testing the master

The master is tested on a broad range of professional studio monitors (including subwoofers) and hi-fi speakers in two different rooms, ensuring that your music translates correctly on any playback system.


Mastering grade analogue/digital compressors and equalisers. Advanced digital tools for the most delicate mastering tasks. A comprehensive metering system and professional audio monitoring system.

is your mix
ready for MASTERING

Free mix appraisal

The secret to a great master is a great mix. You can be a young producer who needs help or a pro mixing engineer who wants a second opinion. I listen to your mix and advise if anything needs to be done, absolutely free, before you pay for any mastering.

Free mixing guide

I have written a short mixing guide containing some simple but very effective ideas that will help you achieve a better mix. Contact me at   to get your free copy of my “Short Guide to a Better Mix”. 

Upload your tracks for mastering or a free mix appraisal